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Compliance Escape Koffer

Compliance Escape Game: Why is it so important?

A Compliance Escape Game offers a hands-on, interactive and sustainable way to teach compliance.

Compliance, i.e. adherence to regulations and guidelines, is crucial for the long-term success of organisations. This is undisputed. However, compliance training is often done in a monotonous and theoretical way.

Our goal was to change exactly that. That’s why we developed the first Compliance Escape Room in Europe (or in the world?!), to provide a new and innovative form of ethics & compliance training.

With our Escape Games, ethics & compliance is taught in a concrete and practical way by actively involving the participants and providing them with 45 – 60 minutes of fun and excitement.

How do we achieve this goal?

Right from the start, the employees are immersed in an exciting story and become an essential part of it. Only if they manage to solve the tasks and puzzles within the given time, they can bring the story to a positive end. During our Escape Games, the players have to uncover compliance violations and thus internalise compliance in a fun and practical way. Several points of contact with the content (teasers before the game, the game itself and the debriefings after the game) ensure a lasting training effect.

Our Escape Games

Live Compliance Escape Room

At our location in Brunn am Gebirge (Mödling district - Vienna area), we offer the world's first Compliance Escape Room, in which up to 6 participants can experience compliance in two rooms at the same time. The game is designed to last a maximum of one hour and includes a final debriefing by our compliance expert.

Mobiles Escape Game

Mobile Compliance Escape Game

With our Mobile Escape Game, we provide you with the props for one or more Escape Games that can be played directly on your premises. Each game includes two cases and numerous components for an exciting compliance experience. The mission is supported by an extensive digital platform with tips and videos. The game is easy to activate and we give you all the information you need to train up to six groups with each game set every day.

How our mobile Escape Game works

Online Compliance Escape Room

Online or by telephone Request Compliance Escape Room

You can simply contact us by phone or via the contact form to book the Escape Game. You can choose between the mobile version or a physical Escape Room in Brunn am Gebirge (district of Mödling).

We will send you the Compliance Escape Game

If you have opted for the mobile version, we will send you our mobile Compliance Escape game for a certain period of time. Included here are simple instructions on how to set it up and telephone support if required.

On-site support by a compliance expert is also possible for an additional charge, depending on the date and location.

Your employees experience compliance in an exciting and practical way

The mobile Compliance Escape Game is perfect for groups of two to six people. You can play the game with as many groups as you like during the selected period. One game lasts approximately 45 minutes.

This is what they say about us

Transparency International - Austrian Chapter works for an Austria of integrity, where all organisations, institutions and companies have introduced and implemented effective measures against corruption and unethical behaviour. The Compliance Escape Geames are a great idea to promote compliance.
Mag. Eva Graf
Mag. Eva Graf
Member of the Board of Transparency International - Austrian Chapter
Compliance awareness is crucial to ensure that compliance is lived in the company. The Compliance Escape Rooms are a great way to create this awareness. And it's fun too.
Mag. Rudolf Schwab
Mag. Rudolf Schwab
Compliance Manager of A1 Group

Our Approach

We make Compliance understandable, comprehensible and thus effective

Making compliance understandable, comprehensible and thus effective for everyone – that is our claim at IntegrityGames. The active engagement with the topics combined with exciting and surprising experiences ensures lasting memories. This is how compliance management can deliver the expected added value.

You want to know more about how our Compliance Escape Games work or how you can integrate them into your compliance program?

Get in touch with us. We would be happy to clarify any open questions with you in an online-meeting or we can come to you for a test game.

Variants und Prices


Mobile Escape Game

899 / day

Price for several games/days on request

✓ flexible to be used at your location

✓ up to 30 people per game per day

✓ several games possible at the same time

Escape Game on site

399 / Gruppe

Price for several games on request

✓ In Brunn am Gebirge (south of Vienna)

✓ up to 6 persons per game

✓ up to two games possible at the same time


Telefone: +43 664 99280360


Bahnstraße 13
2345 Brunn am Gebirge


How does the Mobile Escape Room work?

The mobile Compliance Escape Game offers a flexible and interactive way to conduct compliance training. Here is a step-by-step explanation of how it works:

Mobility: the game is specifically designed to be used in different locations. It is easy to transport and can be easily used in companies, training rooms or other venues. Only a laptop or computer with an internet connection is required to play the game.

Setup: After the case set arrives at your location, the game can be easily activated by you. It contains all the necessary materials, instructions and props to run the training successfully.

Instruction: Our trained team of facilitators is available to assist you with set-up or answer any questions you may have.

Interactive tasks: The game contains various interactive tasks, puzzles and scenarios that are specifically tailored to compliance topics. Participants have to use their knowledge and skills to master the challenges and successfully complete the training.

Teamwork: The training promotes cooperation and exchange within the team. Participants need to work closely together to solve the tasks and overcome the compliance challenges.

Time limit: There is a time limit to ensure some tension and challenge. Participants need to manage their time well and work effectively to complete the training successfully.

Feedback and discussion: After the training, there is a feedback session where a compliance staff member can be involved to discuss the participants’ performance and address questions. It also provides space for discussion and reflection on the compliance topics.

The mobile Compliance Escape case thus offers an entertaining and practical way to teach compliance skills and raise awareness of compliance.

What is a Compliance Escape Room?

A Compliance Escape Room is based on a classic Escape Room. Here, two to usually six people are part of a team that is locked in a room. The room is part of a story and designed accordingly. Different objects have to be found, dexterity tasks have to be fulfilled and puzzles have to be solved, which lead to the solution and thus to the escape from the room.

What distinguishes a Compliance Escape Room from a workshop?

In contrast to a workshop, the interactivity of the participants is not only a part of the training, but an essential and continuous pivot. The employees can only solve the tasks and puzzles if they actively search, combine and discuss. Only by directly applying abstract regulations and legal texts to concrete situations can the puzzles be solved. Through suspense, classic puzzle elements and special effects, the participants lose the feeling of being in a training session and are immersed directly in the story.

The Compliance Escape Room is not only fun and promotes practical and applied knowledge transfer, it also focuses on team building. All puzzles and questions are designed in such a way that they have to be solved primarily with team spirit and in joint discourse.

Can the contents be adapted?

Yes, of course we know that organisations have different guidelines and regulations on compliance issues. That’s why our puzzles are designed and built in such a way that we can adapt them to your individual wishes and internal guidelines. We can make most changes without any additional charge, for larger adjustments we charge a flat processing fee.

What topics are covered in the game?

In our standard edition, we cover the topics of conflicts of interest, data protection, antitrust law, information security, prevention of corruption and whistleblowing. Optionally, we will be happy to integrate further relevant content for you.

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The code is “4338”, enter it at the lock and stop the transaction!

Press the STOP button and enter the code from the display in the platform … “victory”


Der Code für das Schloss ist “4338”.

Öffnet das Schloss und drückt die STOP-Taste.

Gebt auf der Plattform den Code aus dem Display des Koffers ein … “victory”


Drückt die orangen Knöpfe gleichzeitig. Der große rote Knopf muss auch gedrückt sein.
Wenn das grüne Licht leutet, habt ihr das Rätsel gelöst.

Schaut auf das Display … Ethics & Compliance ist “team” work.



Bei der Scorpio werden Preise abgesprochen, was verboten ist. Mit Tortuga soll es eine einheitliche Rabattstruktur vereinbart werden,
was aus kartellrechtlicher Sicht nicht erlaubt ist. Wenn ihr die 2 Schalter im Koffer (links oben und Mitte unten)
auf “off” stellt, habt ihr das Rätsel gelöst.

Die Schalter ergeben dann den Code 35.


Der Code ist die römische 12 = XII.

Gemeinsam ergeben beide Rätsel den Code “3512 #” für das Keypad.

Das Display im Koffer zeigt euch den nächsten Code für die Plattform …”ethics”


Das Lösungswort lautet “comply” und das ist auch der Code für das Cryptex.

Den Code für die Plattform findet ihr im Cryptex … “transparenz”.


Das Lösungswort vom Video ist das Wort “Codes” für das Schloss auf dem Koffer.

Der Code für die Plattform steht am Display im Koffer und lautet “zenko”.


Der Code ist “824”, wegen der nicht offengelegten potentiellen Interessenkonflikte. Verwendet diesen Code für das Schloss der Dokumentenmappe. Drückt seitlich, um das Schloss zu öffnen.

In der Dokumentenmappe findet Ihr ein Kärtchen mit dem Code “sicher”, den Ihr in der Plattform eingeben könnt.